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100K Factory Ultra Edition Review

Online jobs have become a goldmine for those with the know-how to navigate the vast world that is the internet as the creation of new jobs and loss of old ones requires knowledge and a bit of training to safeguard one’s paycheck. This is what the creators of 100K Factory, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, aim to achieve with their product which has been described as a tool system and training program for people looking to make up to six figures with their online ventures. The 100K Factory ultra edition is the version 2.0 which will be launched on April 5th, building on the earlier version that launched in 2015 with over US $5.5. Million in sales. A review of the 2015 version will provide insight into what to expect in the 100K Factory Ultra Edition review.

100K Factory 1.0

This training program teaches individuals how to generate 100k annually from 4 simple websites which translates to generating $2000 a month with each website or about $66 a day. The training takes around 12 weeks of which 8 weeks involve live training sessions which will thereafter be followed by two final phases from week 8 to week 12. Additional information is provided via tutorial videos, PDF manuals and a helpful planning kit that guides users on how to hot the $100k target. The step by step info is delivered by the creators themselves in a very hands-on approach which starts off with market research which is vital for all businesses, both online and offline, followed by the creation of the website which is made easier with the content repository software developed to help users find and pick content for their websites and automatically plug it into the site. The final part of the training involves a training module about generating traffic and commissions from the sites. This module taps into a variety of traffic sources including search engines such as Google, Facebook ads, private traffic software and viral sharing. The module teaches users to master these sources to generate quality and targeted traffic for their sites. The creators have tailored the training to be ��over the shoulder’ which means learners get to see and copy the methods used to a T to guarantee results. Users are also taught to monetize their websites through building an email list which can be further monetized, selling email leads or their own products, Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Why it Works

  • Content repository software. This is ground-breaking software that cost Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton $70k to develop. It allows users to access quality content to plug into their websites with just the push of a button in lieu of hours of content writing.
  • Custom website factory. This feature works on two fronts; providing a custom WordPress theme and adding content to the site by the push of a button. Both are done using a single controlling dashboard.
  • Optimization engine suite. This tool box uses various features such as Exit Intent popups to capture traffic leaving the site and harnessing this to make sales. These features can all be customized to make the most of the increased traffic.

Upgrades in the 100K Factory Ultra Edition

The 2.0 version uses the same principles that made the earlier version so successful but incorporates other ways to reach the $100k target. This edition focuses on selling physical products on the specially created eCommerce stores in a unique way. The creators aim at leveraging established aspects of physical product sales such as predictability while eliminating the need for large inventory orders or stock both of which require a lot of initial capital. This is done by drop-shipping directly to the consumer from China, bypassing the usual distribution channels and thereby making the need for the aforementioned stock and orders, void. The ultra edition maintains the site setup and testing and the product selection that was present in the earlier version but takes traffic-generating up a notch which aims to produce high conversions from low cost ads. The pros which went down well with online marketers such as the multiple streams of income, not having to write content which can be very time-consuming and push button simplicity are still replicated but the product is still selling at $2497 which admittedly makes it one of the priciest online marketing products, but is chump change when compared to the payoff.